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Advisory Boards for Busy Leaders
“The TAB meetings bring together terrific expertise and creativity. Every meeting is a unique learning experience. My entire thinking about what I want my business to do has shifted. Sales are up 60% in two years. The support I need to make tough choices and start new initiatives may not be found within the company, but will be found in the TAB meetings and coaching sessions.”
Shorehaven Behavioral Health, Brown Deer, WI

Confidently Achieve Your Business Goals.

The Alternative Board provides seasoned, practical advice to forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and their leadership teams who are ready to take their business to the next level. Through a combination of peer advisory boards, one-on-one coaching from experienced professionals and a range of proven tools and strategies – you’ll get your business where you want it to go. And you won’t have to do it alone..

With a close-knit group of CEOs and business owners, you will share knowledge, expertise and accountability. You will get honest feedback from peers who’ve been through similar situations. You will have a confidential space to talk about the challenges you are facing. You will set goals and have the support and accountability you need to achieve them. You will stop overworking and start fully living.

“In the current climate, staying connected virtually with the TAB Board gives our business a great level of support
and expertise. It is time for us to be patient, listen to others and implement the best practices available.
The faster we adapt, the better decisions we can make backed up by the TAB community.”

Eve Em
The Ink Factory

Don’t Go It Alone. TAB’s Got Your Back.

Business Advisory Boards

As a TAB Member, you will gain community, confidence and strategic clarity. You will join a carefully selected group of 8-10 peers in your area, coming from a range of non-competing industries. In these monthly, half-day sessions, you’ll get the kind of practical advice and objective perspective that you can’t get from employees, family or friends – helping you make better, faster decisions. By sharing accountability and informed feedback, you’ll gain the personal and professional momentum to confidently achieve your goals.

One-to-one Executive Coaching

Beyond your TAB Board, one-on-one coaching will help you leave conflict, stress and roadblocks behind. With an experienced coach in your corner, you’ll get the personalised guidance you need to make difficult choices and hone your leadership skills. Your coach can help you clarify your vision, prioritise goals, set long-term objectives, gain objective insight into leadership challenges and much more. You’ll be able to enjoy profits and weekends again.

Strategic Tools

With TAB, you will get access to proven strategic business planning tools focused on forming your vision for both a successful business and a fulfilling life. Our Business Builder’s Blueprint™ will help you demystify the strategic planning process and provide a clear picture of how to achieve your strategic direction and vision. We can help you retire earlier and truly enjoy everything you’ve worked for.

Global Connections

Leave loneliness behind with your access to TAB Connect – our exclusive, online business network platform. You will connect with business owners from diverse backgrounds in similar verticals around the world – who all share TAB’s commitment to improving their businesses and changing their lives. Ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with other successful leaders.

I‘m very pleased to take the opportunity to place on record my appreciation of the work of TAB: The Alternative Board. I have been a TAB Member for the past six years and under the excellent facilitation of PJ Timmins, one of Ireland’s most experienced business leaders and enablers, I have successfully established my second career, starting an important new international business that already employs over ten people. I attribute a considerable amount of my success to the inputs of the TAB Board business facilitation process and I am grateful to PJ Timmins and to the other members of the TAB Board for their wisdom and encouragement and for their support of my endeavours.

John McGrane
British Irish of Commerce

Personal Connection and Deep Understanding.

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