5 Ways To Show Customer Appreciation This Holiday Season & Year Round

by | Dec 16, 2022

While showing your appreciation for your customers should be a year-round activity, the holidays are a particularly fantastic time to express gratitude to those who support your company.

Never downplay the inherent value and importance of expressing customer appreciation. Creating mutually rewarding and enduring relationships with your customers is key to your business success, growth, and longevity.

Customer appreciation gestures can be as grand as you deem fit, particularly as they relate to your anchor clients. But acknowledging your customers doesn’t have to be expensive or overly complex. The most important thing is that your communications of thanks are sincere, express how much you value your customers’ loyalty, and recognise their very real contribution to your success.

The following are five low-cost ways to show customer appreciation this holiday season:

1. Send Them a Gift.

Gift-giving doesn’t need to break the bank. Even a small gift or a free sample of one of your goods or services are wonderful ways to recognise and thank your customers. You might consider gifting them with a holiday ornament, candy, or a gift card. Perhaps surprise them with an early peak at an upcoming product or voucher for a future service. Get creative, but make it count.

2. Invite Your Customers to the Holiday Party.

While this might not work as well for B2C businesses, inviting the reps and decision-makers of companies with whom you regularly do business to your holiday party or event helps build those relationships. It also expresses a wonderful gesture of connection and underscores the sentiment that they are a valued part of your team and success. You might want to consider inviting valued vendors as well.

3. Add a Little Extra to Their Order.

This approach works great for those B2C customers. Add a little surprise to their next order but be sure to make it something of perceived value. A branded trinket might not deliver the message you are trying to send. So if you can, try to make this little extra pack a big punch.

4. Send a Card.

But not just a standard greeting card with a “from our team” signature stamped at the bottom. It is important that you the business owner or the rep with whom your customer interacts take the time to compose a true expression of appreciation. Make the message personal and meaningful. Remember, it is about connection and gratitude.

5. Feature Your Customers on Your Social Media

Posting and sharing appreciation of your customers on your social media platforms is a wonderful way to celebrate those relationships. A well-crafted post, along with an engaging photo, provides value to B2B customers by promoting their business, while B2C customers are often delighted by the recognition. For the holidays, consider adding cheery graphics along with photos of a recent interaction. And be sure to tag them in your post!

So show your customers how valued they are this holiday season. Regardless of how you choose to express your customer appreciation, remember that sincerity, gratitude, and recognition are gifts that are sure to keep on giving throughout the year.