Quick Tips: January 2018

by | Jan 10, 2018

All About Trust

Trust is the foundation of everything you do: employees, customers, everything. Tie business goals to personal goals to fuel your motivation.


By : Chad Williams, Rockhaven

Evaluating Software

I found a way to have the software we’ve had developed over several years evaluated by an independent party. They gave the code an A+. Now I feel even more confident in our solution and in our developers.


By : Melissa Baker, Xebee Records

What’s Stopping You?

Is your analytical mind keeping you from growing faster than you otherwise would?


By : Chip Roepke, ContactPC

The Concept of Three Zones

I try to move out of my comfort zone and into the learning zone as often as I can, and ensure that I stay there. The learning zone is where growth (business, intellectual, spiritual and emotional) happens. The learning zone can easily be distinguished from the terror zone, which is self evidently a place to avoid.


By : Richard Kempner, Kempner & Partners, Leeds

Mergers and Acquisitions

When purchasing or merging with another business, do not underestimate the value of keeping the original phone numbers for the company you are acquiring. Customers will keep those numbers around for a long time and call it when they have a need. You want to be answering that phone.
For example, a TAB Board Member is still receiving orders from a company he purchased 7 years ago—even though the number is no longer advertised.
By : TAB Winnipeg Board