Resolve To Be Better at Time Management

by | Jan 27, 2023

As a hardworking business owner, it is common to feel stressed for time and end each day reflecting on all the tasks that weren’t completed. However, this is not necessarily due to a lack of time, but rather poor time management skills. According to a recent report, 82% of people don’t have a time management system in place. Effective time management can lead to higher productivity, greater focus, and reduced stress levels.

Here are some simple time management tips that can help improve your efficiency:

  1. Prioritisation: Understand the pecking order of importance for your tasks. Use the “Eat the Frog” method and address your most important or complex tasks first.
  2. Saying No: Establish important boundaries by being able to say “no”. Delegation is also an important tool for time management.
  3. Avoid Multitasking: Multitasking is a major timewaster and reduces productivity by as much as 40%. Focus on one task at a time for better results.
  4. Create and Honour a Schedule: Map out your entire week or month, including free time and lunch breaks. Commit to honouring the schedule and stick to it.

Time management is crucial for business success and can make or break your business. By prioritising tasks, saying no, avoiding multitasking, and creating a schedule, you can improve your time management skills and increase your productivity levels.